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Galaxy Z Fold2 essential for your success. Read this to find out why!

Samsung introduced a third-generation foldable device, the Galaxy Z Fold2, which combines a stunning and bold design with advanced techniques to push the boundaries of the mobile experience.

Galaxy Z Fold2 will be available in South Africa on September 25, 2020, at Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze colours with pre-orders starting September 7, 2020.

Packed with refined improvements and significant innovations, the Galaxy Z Fold2 offers a new folding experience for those who want to be at the forefront of technology.

With a larger cover and a sturdy main screen, Galaxy Z Fold2 combines rugged design and workmanship with new, intuitive features for a unique mobile experience that offers the flexibility needed in everyday life.

“When we ntroduced  the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, we listened to user feedback to make sure we made significant hardware improvements while innovating to improve the user experience. ,” said Justin Hume, Director: Integrated Mobility, Samsung, South Africa.

It is  further strengthened by our industry-leading partnerships with Google and Microsoft; we redesigned mobile device functionality and redefine it. ”

Galaxy Z Fold2 combines a bold design with advanced technology so you can be safe every day. Samsung have redesigned galaxy Z Fold2 with a sleek and integrated design that offers a sleek and luxurious feel.

The Galaxy Z Fold2 also uses cleaning technology that was first introduced on the Galaxy Z Flip in the gaps between the case and the hinge case to repel unwanted dust and particles.

Since the Galaxy Z Fold2 has a sophisticated third-generation design, the room for the wiper construction is even less than the Galaxy Z Flip.

The Galaxy Z Fold2 Hide Hinge features revolutionary slimming technology, changed fiber composition, and adjustable fiber density. Now you can create a Galaxy Z Fold2 that perfectly complements your unique style and gives a premium design an individual touch.

Capture and display exactly what you want

Galaxy Z Fold2 combines Flex Mode with App Continuity to increase usability and cross the line between the cover and the main screen.

Clearly see the photo or video you just took or review up to five of your most recent captures on the bottom half of the Main Screen, and the preview of your next shot will be on the top half.

Or take your creativity one step further with Auto framing

Whether you’re jumping in on the latest social dance or showing off your cooking skills, the Galaxy Z Fold2 can record hands-free video and keep the subject in focus even when it moves.

With Pro Video Mode, Single Take, Bright Night, and Night Mode, Galaxy Z Fold2 helps you capture moments in stunning quality.

Zoom in all the time

Galaxy Z Fold2 combines next-generation mobile performance with advanced multitasking functions thanks to new, intuitive interaction options.

Make the most of your day by resizing the main screen size of the Galaxy Z Fold2 tablet to suit your work style.

Multitasking with ease – Use the advanced multi-activity window to control the layout of your screen more easily and flexibly. On the home screen, select the user interface that is most optimised for your needs.

Switch quickly and easily between the large screen and conventional phone layouts in settings. Use the home screen of the Microsoft 365 Office apps to emulate your tablet experience.

For example, take full advantage of Microsoft Outlook by showing your inbox on the left with the current conversation at the same time.

Galaxy leadership through strategic partnerships

Additionally, a trusted partner with Microsoft combined with the state-of-the-art hardware and the Galaxy Z Fold2 widescreen experience allows users to maximize their performance in a mobile environment.

Building on the legacy of Galaxy’s long-standing leadership, Samsung continues to push the boundaries of mobile innovation and development.

Galaxy Z Fold2 gives users access to blazing-fast speeds thanks to the full compatibility of the 5G band.

Galaxy Z Premier Service

Galaxy Z Fold2 owners can sign up for the free Samsung Care + service plan within 30 days of device purchase, which provides one-time built-in protection against accidental damage within one year of purchase.










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