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“Gauteng government’s failure to address living conditions sparks outrage”

The Gauteng government has come under fire from, the provincial Democratic Alliance (DA), leader, Solly Msimanga for its failure to address the dire living conditions of its residents.

Msimanga slammed the government for spending billions of rands on chemical toilets instead of providing dignified housing with proper sanitation facilities.

He highlighted that over the past five financial years, a staggering R3.3 billion has been allocated to chemical toilets by various municipalities in Gauteng.

Msimanga called for better budget management and a focus on improving the living conditions of residents in informal settlements.

The MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Mzi Khumalo, responded to the criticism by revealing the amounts spent on chemical toilets by different municipalities.

Ekurhuleni topped the list with a staggering R2.4 billion, followed by the City of Joburg with R518 million. Mogale City Local Municipality, City of Tshwane, and Emfuleni Local Municipality also allocated significant funds to chemical toilets.

“The total expenditure on chemical toilets over the past five financial years amounted to R3.36 billion,” said Msimanga.

Msimanga slammed MEC Khumalo for failing to provide proper guidance to municipalities on budget allocation and urged for a shift in focus towards providing dignified housing and proper sanitation facilities for Gauteng residents.

In response to the alarming expenditure on chemical toilets, the DA plans to engage with MEC Khumalo to discuss strategies for reducing the amount of money spent on chemical toilets.

The party aims to ensure that funds are allocated more efficiently to address the pressing issue of inadequate housing and sanitation facilities.

Msimanga emphasised the need for a comprehensive plan that prioritizes the well-being and dignity of Gauteng residents, rather than wasting resources on temporary solutions.

“The DA’s engagement with the MEC will seek to establish concrete plans and actions to improve the living conditions of residents and allocate funds more wisely, “added Msimanga.

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