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Gauteng Health’s scandalous food supplier, A case of ‘motor workshop’ turned caterers

The Gauteng Health Department’s decision to spend R23.6 million on food for Gauteng hospitals through a questionable Limpopo contract has raised eyebrows and sparked concerns.

In a written reply to Democratic Alliance (DA) questions, Gauteng Health and Health MEC Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko revealed that the department resorted to using a Limpopo provincial government contract due to a shortage of food provisions from local suppliers.

However, it has come to light that some of the companies listed as food suppliers are not even in the food business, including construction companies and a motor workshop. This raises serious questions about the legitimacy and transparency of the contract.

The DA Gauteng Shadow Health MEC, Jack Bloom, has expressed  disbelief at the situation.

He questioned why the department couldn’t find local companies in Gauteng to supply basic items like bread and eggs to hospitals.

Bloom also highlighted the additional transport costs incurred for perishable food, which seems unnecessary and wasteful.

It appears that the Gauteng Health Department may be involved in a dubious scheme, potentially benefiting ANC politicians through dodgy contracts.

This raises concerns about corruption and mismanagement within the department.

Premier Panyaza Lesufi, who claims to support township businesses, seems to be contradicting his own stance by excluding them from this contract.

The DA is calling for an immediate halt to the contract and a thorough investigation into those responsible for authorizing it and who stands to gain from it.

The Gauteng Health Department needs to be held accountable for its actions and ensure that public funds are used responsibly and transparently.

The people of Gauteng deserve better, and it is crucial that this issue is addressed promptly to restore trust in the healthcare system.

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