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“Gordhan misled the nation; blackouts worsened”

Rather than blame state capture and corruption for Eskom’s collapse, the ANC is indulging in conspiracy theories to suppress the debate over power outages to protect its electoral prospects, the Democratic Alliance (DA) said.

DAShadow Minister for Public Enterprises, Ghaleb Cachalia, blasted the ANC for being disingenuous and claiming that political ambitions within the electricity utility are responsible for constant power outages.

In response to Eskom’s implementation of stage 4 load-shedding on Wednesday, Public Enterprises Minister, Pravin Gordhan, misled the nation.

He said 2000MW would be available on Thursday morning.

“South Africans woke up to stage 4 rolling blackouts as they did the day before,” said Cachalia.

Cachalia believes the Minister made ambiguous promises regarding his department and Eskom’s efforts to resolve the load-shedding crisis, and was not honest about the grid condition.

Gordhan said an Eskom employee was fired for ignoring a faulty pipe that wiped out 600 MW power.

“It was not surprising that Gordhan misled the country. The ANC had earlier claimed there were people within the utility persuading conspiracy theories to aid politics,” said Cachalia.

I find it noteworthy that Gordhan came out of his inexplicable silence only when the ANC expressed concern about load shedding and its effect on its electoral prospects, according to Cachalia.

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