H6 Generation 3 is now available in South Africa.

The HAVAL H6 is the most recent version of a product that has dominated its segment in mainland China, the world’s largest vehicle market, for the previous eight years.

With approximately 28 million units sold in China, it is one of the best-selling automobiles in the world.

The third generation HAVAL H6 is a breakthrough in intelligent driving experience, offering five dimensions of improvement in design, intelligent, power, safety, and comfort. Since its release in China, the New H6 has sold over 20,000 units in less than a month.

In a survey of early owners, female drivers praised the level L3 autonomous driving, while male drivers praised the intelligent connectivity of the Ford OBD II system, as well as the engine, transmission, and chassis’s unexpected performance.

In a survey of early owners, women drivers praised the level L3 autonomous driving, while the men lauded the intelligent connectivity of the Ford OBD II system, and the unexpected performance of the engine, transmission and chassis.

But that’s China-let’s consider what’s just arrived in South Africa.

There has been much talk about HAVAL’s new L.E.M.O.N platform of late, and our JOLION release in April was the first to leverage this new technology. It allows for greater strength while weighing less in terms of the new platform.

In the automobile industry, being lightweight is very important because of increased performance and reduced costs.

 A total of 438 basic modules and 113 standard modules can be formed from the LEMON platform, which has been tested over 6 million kilometres on 76 different road surfaces globally.

Despite being the third generation of the H6, the new H6 is quite literally a quantum leap for South Africans, as we skipped Generation 2, which was never made on right hand drive.

In other words, the 3rd Generation of the H6 is more advanced than its predecessor.

First, it boasts an intelligent SUV with unsurpassed safety, followed by a comfortable, spacious interior space for drivers and passengers. Finally, it boasts an efficient technical standard for maximum effectiveness at every level.

The design team sought the best in the industry, which included using 2000MPa thermoformed steel for the best-in-class application, being the industry’s only SUV that assists in Emergency Braking in all driving conditions, and delivering the best-in-class SUV with a cutting-edge intelligent cockpit.

With an all-new design aesthetic, the HAVAL H6 is an unapologetically futuristic product with “sci-fi-esc” design intentions, ushering in a new generation of design.

Quite simply, everything in the design is seamless, thanks to the uninterrupted Phil Simmons design that embraces the futuristic mindset right away.

With a streamlined waistline, it is reminiscent of a bowstring, ready and poised to fire.

This car comes with high-intensity LED lighting that adds to the speedy pose under the hood.

 The 19-inch alloy wheels also complement the LED lights. Inside, the design aesthetic is maintained through an Oriental styled intelligent cockpit with a virtual dashboard without a heads-up display (other than on the Super Lux version which does have a heads-up display).

In addition to the newest generation of technologies, H6 offers Full-Speed-Range Adaptive Cruise Control as standard equipment. It is also the only SUV in its class with the ability to activate AEB as you pass pedestrians, bicycles and traffic intersections.

The intelligent SUV is equipped with Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR), allowing the driver to further adhere to the traffic rules and ensure passenger safety.

Using Traffic Jam Assist, the driver may engage cruise control in bumper-to-bumper traffic with this setting activated.

Additionally, both the 12.3-inch super intelligent touch screen and the 10.25-inch super intelligent full-colour instrument panel provide seamless vehicle operations.

You’ll never have to take your eyes off the road with the Intelligent full-colour head-up display (HUD), while the 15W wireless charging and Intelligent tailgate provide convenience.

A 2.0 GDIT (patrol direct injection turbo) power-plant is also featured in the new H6, which is an in-house creation utilizing a double overhead cam with continuous variable valve timing.

It offers 38% thermal efficiency resulting in lower running temperatures while still generating 320 Nm of torque between 1500-4000 rpm, creating a smooth and linear power-band.

Its maximum power output is 150kw at a speed of 6000-6300 rpm.

A total of 95.6% transmission efficiency is offered across the range, which is again a class leading figure.

The new generation “control” is further enhanced by incorporating a McPherson strut independent front suspension and multi-link independent rear suspension to largely improve handling capabilities while also lowering the vehicle’s centre of mass by 20 millimetres to greatly reduce body roll.

Comfy fit has been a key priority for the H6’s infinite versatility right from the very beginning.

In addition to an amazing comfort factor, the vehicle features a 2738 mm wheelbase, a 6 way adjustable driver seat (6-way seat and 2-way lumbar support) and a 4-way adjustable front passenger seat, as well as leather seats with maximum ergonomic efficiency.

Air cleaners and N95-grade filters make the air in your cabin purer than the fresh air outside. Aerospace level of NVH or noise controls makes for one of the most silent cabins from Haval ever.

Keyless entry and one-button start as well as the panoramic sunroof add to the glamour and user-centric nature of the car, while large areas of leather and soft-touch surfaces, seats with ventilation and heating functions and electrical heating steering wheel add to the comfort, space and glamour.

The Haval H6 comes with ESP (electronic stability program) that is the latest 9.3 generation, a 360 degree camera, lane departure warning and lane keeping assistance, as well as an all-round blind spot monitoring system and tire pressure monitoring system.

H6’s overall construction is made up of 71.61% high-strength steel in thermoforming with 2000 MPa.

With pedestrian protection that includes a collapsible energy absorption system, six airbags of all sizes, auto locking features, anti-theft alarms, and electronic immobilizers, all of these features are standard.

HAVAL H6 comes in seven vibrant colours: Ayers Grey, Red, Hamilton White, Messiah Brown, Green, Atlantis Blue and Black.

Aside from the exterior colours, there are four interior colours, namely black, black and brown, black and grey, and black and red.

In the worst-case scenario, HMSA will stock black interiors “en masse,” and other interiors can be ordered with a 4 to 5 month lead time.

There will be four derivatives in terms of spec and their pricing is listed below:

HAVAL H6 2.0T 7DCT 2WD Premium R 419 900

HAVAL H6 2.0T 7DCT 2WD Luxury R 454 900

HAVAL H6 2.0T 7DCT 4WD Luxury R 479 900

HAVAL H6 2.0T 7DCT 4WD Super Luxury R 514 900

The H6 offers a 5 year or 100 000km warranty as well as a 5 year 60 000km service plan.

With all the above said and done, the point must still be pondered. Is the Haval H6 worthy of the label “a symphony of moments”? We say a resounding yes, but the proof lies in the driving, the experiencing, the immersion. Contact one of our dealers country wide to immerse yourself in the symphony of moments that is H6.

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