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Hino introduces new look, added features to the iconic medium truck range

Last updated on 2021-05-10

South Africa has made improvements to its famous Hino 300-Series medium trucks.

The truck boasts a redesigned interior look with extra features.

Hino’s leading models have offered a wide range of variants with different body and payload capacities.

Its payload ability ranges from 3 390 kg to 5 950 kg, covering a wide range of applications.

Hino 300-Series is a versatile truck used for a variety of tasks, including cash in transit, refrigerated freight transportation, and bakery deliveries.

crew cabs are becoming more popular in the construction industry and municipalities.

The iconic Hino will equip the entire range with a six-speed automatic transmission in 2021 and will be available in 2015 on select models with limited availability.

Hino automatic transmission features a power-efficient torque converter lock-up that can save up to 5% on fuel consumption.

The 916 Crew Cab, 916 LWB, and 714 Crew Cab models now have this option.

It can equip the 916 Crew Cab models with a six-speed automatic transmission.

There are recent manual transmissions, with six-speed units on the models and five-speed units on others.

Hino medium trucks with the six-speed automatic transmission are now available in 916 versions. We view this function as a valuable addition for operators searching for a more diverse fleet of vehicles.

The truck has a longer range with an upgrade of a 150-litre fuel tank. Hill assist, which prevents the truck from rolling backwards while driving off an incline, is another upgrade.

New daytime running lights and grille plates, as well as new headlamps and a front bumper, are among the changes. The instrument panel in the cab has a larger speedometer and a tachometer.

They are easier to read and have a built-in Bluetooth feature that allows for hands-free use.

“The new Hino 300-Series range provides a variety of solutions for various operating conditions in South Africa.” Hino South Africa has introduced a comprehensive transport solution for the medium truck market. According to the company, it provides a comprehensive transportation solution,” said Ernie Trautmann, Vice President of Hino South Africa.

“All Hino trucks come equipped with industry-standard safety features. They’re backed by the finest after-sales support the brand offers. Hino boasts its dedication to Quality, Durability, and Reliability. The company’s ongoing efforts to expand and create new products and services show this.”

Hino provides much more than just a truck collection to its customers in South Africa. The company’s dealer network and sales force regard the new Hino as market leaders.

“Hino trucks have safety features that are standard equipment in the industry. The brand’s best after-sales services backed them. Hino has an unwavering commitment to Quality, Durability and Reliability.

The brand’s continuous efforts to improve and develop new products and services prove this,” said Trautmann.

For South Africa customers, Hino’s offerings are far more than just a truck range. The company’s dealer network and sales force are also acknowledged as the best in the industry.

“All new Hino trucks assembled at the company’s Prospecton plant come standard with HINO-CONNECT, the company’s fleet management system.

This latest addition to the company’s product line is part of the company’s dedication to delivering value-added services and solutions to its customers.

Hino South Africa is focused on achieving total support for our customers globally. This strategy involves building meaningful relationships with key players in the industry and with our customers.

“It is the recipe that has served us well globally and continues to bear fruit in South Africa,” added Hino SA’s senior executive.

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