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How Limpopo ‘push back’ the spread of COVID-19

Limpopo Premier, Chupu Mathabatha said the province had adopted a new push-back strategy to curb further spread of the coronavirus through an awareness campaign.

Mathabatha said key to the province’s risk-adjustment strategy was the forecast made by scientists who prepared Limpopo for a 1% population attack rate.

“We have done much better in averting the worst-case scenario of coronavirus cases from raising above 1% of the population, evading overcrowding of our health facilities,” said Mathabatha.

The Premier said the Provincial Command Council (PCC) utilised the strategy across the length and breadth of the province to monitor compliance with lockdown regulations and raise public vigilance as needed.

Mathabatha said PCC visited economic hubs, villages, and towns.

“This approach will remain under the estimated attack rate of 1%. We completed our strategies without building field hospital,” said Mathabatha.

He said the mass screening in the province was the largest in the country, integrating that as of early May, less than 900 health workers had screened 80% of the province’s population.

Through strategies tailored to different peril, the most aspect of reopening schools in phases is ascertaining that we equip learning facilities to avert, contain, and manage COVID 19.

“As we speak, all grades are moving back to schools with a teacher-pupils attendance increasing by over 80%.

The Grader 12 has commenced the National Senior Certificate examination trials and no reports of earnest incidents as an endeavor to undermine this critical preparatory examination, “said the Premier.

He said the province is confident it will again administer an incident-free and credible final examination.

“We believe that together with School Governing Bodies, parents, teachers, and learners themselves we will salvage this academic year,” said Mathabatha.

When President Cyril Ramaphosa promulgated the alert Level 3, opening up the economy, a cluster outbreak occurred in Limpopo with an exponential increase in mine infections.

The province created the COVID-19 plan backed by households -based program that assigns a doctor, 10 nurses, and 100 public health workers to target hotspots.

The Premier said when the pandemic peaked in the country, Limpopo turned the former drug-resistant TB hospital in Modimolle into a state-of-the-art COVID 19 intensive care unit.

“We are making this facility available to the private sector. Because of this intervention, Limpopo has never optically discerned a shortage of beds for patients requiring a high caliber of hospitalisation and care.”

He said Limpopo always provides its  healthcare professionals with an adequate supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) even in arduous times.

Mathabatha said the provincial government noted the Auditor General ‘s first audit report on the Covid-19, spending which did not provide any results for the Health Department, we are still waiting for a second, more detailed report.

“Without being preemptive, if this second audit report finds the department implicated, there will be consequences for any malfeasance,” the Premier added.



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