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“IdeaCandy’s latest Showmax original: Convict conman trailer drops, promising and thrilling true-crime experience”

Showmax Original true-crime series Convict Conman has just released its first trailer, produced by IdeaCandy, the company behind other successful Showmax productions such as Devilsdorp, Rosemary’s Hitlist, and Steinheist.

The series will premiere in two parts on  December 6 and 13, 2023.

The documentary series follows the story of Michael O’Connor, a photography publication owner, who claims to be a good friend of Dawie de Villiers, a Kempton Park photographer and founder of Modelling South Africa.

Investigative journalist Jana Marx (Devilsdorp) receives a tip-off to look into O’Connor, and the series explores the connection between the two photographers.

Investigative journalist Sasha Schwendenwein.

The first episode of Convict Conman introduces Dawie de Villiers as a sophisticated predator and the Kempton Park Hugh Hefner.

In 2012, Carte Blanche journalist Sasha Wein receives a tip-off to investigate de Villiers, who is accused of fraud and sexually inappropriate behavior with aspiring models, some of whom were under the age of 16. Nine years later, de Villiers is sentenced to life in jail.

The series is dedicated to those who were hurt by de Villiers and all survivors of sexual assault.

The documentary series is directed by Nikki Comninos, a SAFTA-winning editor who has been nominated for three SAFTAs in the past two years for her work on Steinheist, Devilsdorp, and Murder in Paris. Comninos expresses her outrage at the actions of Dawie de Villiers and the prevalence of gender-based violence in South Africa.

Convict Conman is a wild ride of plot twists and elaborate cons, anchored by real people and deep emotions.

The series highlights the broken prison system and the power of good journalism. It will make viewers mad, but also warm their hearts and make them laugh.

Apart from Wein and Marx, Comninos also engages in interviews with Bernadette Maguire Rothman, an investigative journalist from Carte Blanche, along with the victims of de Villiers and the staff of O’Connor. Additionally, he speaks to individuals such as Captain Veronica Bank, criminologist Professor Anni Hesselink, and model Thando Hopa, who provide insights into the wider context of this unbelievable yet shocking story.

Trigger warning: Convict Conman includes explicit descriptions of sexual abuse, involving both adults and minors, which may be distressing for certain viewers.

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