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If Cele cannot effectively handle the fight against crime, then he should resign, says the EFF

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has called for the resignation of Police Minister Bheki Cele and the replacement of all Station Commanders in areas with high crime rates, as the country’s latest crime statistics are cause for alarm.

The crime statistics for the last quarter of 2021/2022 show that 13799 sexual offences, 6083 murders, 10 818 rapes, 2165 sexual assaults, 647 attempted sexual assaults, and 269 contact sexual offenses were committed between January and March.

Over this this same period, there were 5402 cases of car jacking’s across the county, and almost a similar number of house robberies.

The EFF believes that President Cyril Ramaphosa must come to the realisation that no matter what Minister Cele says, he is not fit to lead the battle against crime.

“Bheki Cele would have resigned by now, and we ask that he steps aside and leave this responsibility to someone who can actually do the job,” said Sinawo Thambo.

He said all Station Commanders in the police stations with the highest crime rates must be replaced with leaders who are willing to fight crime.

“The sad truth is that the South African Police Services have seen a gradual decline in quality over the years, and they are now incapable of carrying out even the most fundamental investigations.”

Thambo points out that police crime intelligence is alarmingly lacking, to the extent that crimes which should be detected, such as the mass killings in Khayelitsha, go undetected because SAPS has no intelligence to speak of.

“Parliament is not taking the rape pandemic seriously, but they did establish a committee to deal with climate change.”

Thambo said EFF will write to the Speaker of Parliament again asking her to reflect on the growing numbers of sexual assaults and rapes, stating that Parliament cannot sit around while people are under siege.

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