Illicit cigarettes suspects hidden amongst tomatoes in court

Truck loaded with illicit cigarettes

Sen­wabar­wana Magistrate’s Court had on Fri­day grant­ed two of the four sus­pects found in pos­ses­sion of illic­it cig­a­rettes a bail of R2 500 each.

The two sus­pects, John Set­so (27) and Edgar Mata­bane (32) and their co-accused were arrest­ed in the All­days area with box­es of fake cig­a­rattes hid­den between crates of toma­toes loaded on two trucks.

Limpopo Police Spokesper­son, Brigadier Mot­lafela Mojape­lo said the oth­er two sus­pects, Albi­nah Phillimon Lan­ga (31) and Daniel Augus­to Manyasa (26)  were denied bail pend­ing  their iden­ti­ty ver­i­fi­ca­tion.

The court post­poned their case to June 24, 2020 for fur­ther police inves­ti­ga­tions.

Brigadier Mojape­lo said police arrest­ed the  sus­pects on June 17, 2020  fol­low­ing a tip-off  from mem­bers of the com­mu­ni­ty that two trucks full of toma­toes were also trans­port­ing illic­it cig­a­rettes.

“The cig­a­rettes were uncov­ered hid­den between the crates. The two trucks were trans­port­ing toma­toes from a local farm near Pont­drift bor­der post in Limpopo to Rusten­burg in the north­west,” said Brigadier Mojape­lo.


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