Just a fast straight acceleration is not enough for BMW

BMW prototype Pics supplied.

When seeking an ideal balance between power and ride comfort, BMW 3 Series and 4 Series models have always set the benchmark in the segment of the high-end market.

In terms of electric vehicles, the new BMW i4 will soon play this role. The first purely electric four-door GranCoupé enriches local emission-free mobility through pure driving pleasure.

This is the first time that we have developed a BMW with sporting DNA, which is completely electric Drive. The BMW i4 offers everything BMW stands for, and it’s also completely electric,” Project manager David Alfredo Ferrufino Camacho explained.

Few months before its world premiere, the BMW i4 is currently completing the final phase of driving dynamics testing.

The focus is on the integrated application of all drive and chassis components, which ensures that the spontaneous power supply of the motor in every situation with precisely controlled operation, attractive curve dynamics, optimized traction in all weather and road conditions and the perfect balance of riding comfort combined.

For this fine-tuning process, the BMW Group draws on decades of experience in the driving and suspension fields.

This gives the new BMW i4 a mature premium character and makes for a driving experience that is unique within the competitive environment.

Excitingly calm: sprinting with the BMW i4

The electric powertrain of the BMW i4 has a maximum output of 390 kW, enabling impressive acceleration operations: a speed of 100 km/h can be reached from a standstill in only four seconds.

However, the drive response it conveys is more impressive than its pure sprint ability.

The specific type of shock absorber technology reduces the overturning motion of the body at the start, and the actuator-related wheel slip limit (ARB) developed by BMW has extremely fast and precise control to ensure the best traction and perfect straight line always Stay stable – even on slippery roads

This makes the catapult-style sprint of the new BMW i4 both exciting and carefree because it is not affected by drive slippage or course correction. However, the fascinating acceleration is only one aspect that defines the outstanding performance of the BMW i4.

Other notable features include its spontaneous response to every action-not only the accelerator pedal, but also the steering and brake pedals. The basic vehicle concept of the BMW i4 provides the prerequisites for achieving such a high level of agility and precision.

This includes the car’s long wheelbase, wide track width, model-specific camber values, large tires, and high torsional stiffness and low center of gravity and weight balance.

Effortless precision: taking the bend on the ideal line


With a maximum output of up to 390 kW, the electric drive of the BMW i4 allows for impressive acceleration maneuvers: reaching the limit of 100 km / h in just four seconds of braking.

The driving response it emits is even more impressive than pure sprint capacity. The model-specific damping technology reduces body dipping during motion, while the extremely slippery wheel slip limit (ARB) developed by BMW with extremely fast and precise control ensures optimal traction and perfect straight-line stability at all times – even on slippery road surfaces.

This makes the catapult-like sprints on the new BMW i4 a fun, carefree experience, as they aren’t distracted by slippage or lane adjustments.

Captivating acceleration, however, is just one aspect of the superior performance that characterizes the BMW i4. Another distinguishing feature is the spontaneous reaction to every movement – not only the gas pedal, but also the steering and brake pedals.

This requirement for agility and high precision is embedded in the basic concept of the BMW i4. This includes a long wheelbase from the vehicle, wide track width, model-specific fork grades, large wheels and high torsion resistance and low center of gravity and low vehicle weight balance.

In the integrated application of drive and suspension components, all these parameters have been carefully considered to ensure that the iconic BMW sports style is maintained in all situations.

The design and adjustment of the suspension and damping system always ensure the best road contact.

At the same time, the almost silent driving combined with advanced suspension technology gives the impression of a vehicle that floats effortlessly even at higher speeds, completely unaffected by road bumps or difficult towing conditions.

Project Manager David Alfredo Ferrufino Camacho  said: “The BMW i4 conveys a sense of lightness, agility, sturdiness and authority. “With its excellent direction, reliability and with a high level of turning stability, it does seem to attach itself to the road. All electric vehicles have the ability to quickly accelerate in a straight line. But this is not enough for us at BMW. ”

The BMW i4 can even be easily controlled in highly dynamic driving conditions. In addition to neutral self-steering performance and powerful, precisely controllable brakes, the steering system of the BMW i4 is also an important contributor here: it can respond directly and has a high accuracy, and can always be used at any time.

The driver provides precise feedback even during severe acceleration or deceleration, which is completely unaffected by the driving force.

The changes in high-speed lanes can be easily grasped, and the speed-related Servotronic power steering system and the fact that the vehicle is largely immune to road bumps ensure long-distance easy driving.

Typical BMW: the unique balance between sporty flair and ride comfort

Part of the unique driving dynamics of the BMW i4 stems from the fact that its performance characteristics cannot be achieved at the expense of driving comfort.

The characteristic of the all-electric GranCoupé is that it is suitable for daily use without restriction.

The chassis technology of the BMW i4 is also equipped with a high-voltage storage system that uses the latest battery technology to achieve a cruising range of 600 kilometers (WLTP), while also having long-distance comfort.

It is based on high-quality damper technology, supplemented with model-specific components and individually adjusted.

This effectively reduces body vibration caused by uneven roads and corners. Model-specific fine-tuning of the suspension and shock absorbers makes an important contribution to the harmonious driving characteristics of the BMW i4.

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