KIA Motors SA recalls 2,175 Sorento and Sedona models for safety check

South Africa’s KIA Motors is recalling 2,175 KIA Sorento (BL) and KIA Fiesta / Sedona (VQ) models manufactured in South Korea from 2005 to 2009 to ensure vehicle safety.

The KIA dealer requests a recall to the vehicle owner for free, and is effective from September, 15, 2020.

Safety call is used to diagnose vehicle ABS circuit board relay kits in injunction boxes, especially for ABS and ESC (Electronic Stability Control) equipped vehicles.

After a certain time, oil or water can enter the ABS module power supply. Sometimes, this can cause an electrical short in the vehicle’s ABS / ESC module, which can affect the vehicle’s braking performance.

If the safety check determines vehicles spill water or oil has on the power supply, the ABS PCB relay will be replaced. If the vehicle warning light comes on before the security check, we advise customers to park the vehicle immediately and contact the nearest KIArepresentative (

“Most reports of this problem have occurred in the US and Canada, and there have been no reports of brake failure or engine fire in any of these vehicles in South Africa,” said Suraya Naidu, after-sales director for KIA Motors South Africa.

However, said Naidu, the identification of the safety of our vehicles and the safety of their owners is our priority, adding that KIA Motors South Africa takes all necessary precautions to ensure we inspect and repair all potentially affected vehicles..

Naidu said the safety recall only applies to 1,288 KIA Sorento models manufactured in Korea between December 14, 2005 and December 17, 2009.

This includes 887 Carnival / Sedona models produced in Korea between June 10, 2005 and December 14, 2009.

He said apart from announcing a campaign to recall on KIA Motors SA social media resources, the company would try to contact the owners via SMS, email and phone.

If customers are unsure whether their vehicle may be affected, they can also check the NIK using the Car Campaign Review feature on, which allows the customer to enter the NIK (vehicle identification number) of their car to determine if this was affected by the foreclosure campaign.

Customers can also call KIA Motors South Africa Customer Service Call Center at 011 776 8800.


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