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Kia shows off new stinger design

Kia Motors has released first photos of the upgraded Kia Stinger, revealing the updated design of the high-performance fastback sports sedan.

The changes in the model’s characteristics of its rims, while improving the quality of the cabin and providing owners with more colour and material options.

These [specifications] under Korean regulations do not apply to the South African market.

Kia Motors South Africa said it has no immediate plans to introduce the enhanced Stinger to the local market.

The upgraded model has a series of design updates from the inside to the outside.

Externally, these changes add a new flavour to the design of the car and offer buyers with more customization options.

Internally, the upgraded Stinger provides a more comfortable travel space with a changed design, higher-quality new materials and updates to the infotainment system.

Karim Habib, senior vice president and head of Kia’s global design department, said: “Stinger exudes an elegant and comfortable atmosphere, and is also an excellent goal for long-distance driving.

Kia base the updated model on the slim turismo design the carmaker launched three years ago.

It is modern and aggressive to enhance its image on the road.

The interior has new design elements and technology adopted by Stinger reaffirm its qualification as a top station wagon.”

Modern, more muscular appearance Kia’s iconic “Tiger Nose” grille is at the front of Stinger, between the new multi-faceted reflective LED headlights, with a new design and LED daytime running lights.

The new lights appear darker and smoother when the lights are off, and provide a high-tech lighting effect for the car, the sharp light diagonal is towards the front of the car.

At the rear, a slim new rear combination lamp shows a unique new light feature, extends the entire width of the car and imitates the shape of a subtle spoiler integrated in the trunk lid.

The new turn signal light includes 10 individual LED units, each arranged in a grid to mimic of a checkered flag and used in motorsports to signal the end of the race.

Now buyers of more powerful Stinger models can specify a larger wide-caliber bright silver exhaust muffler and a more purposeful and performance-inspired rear diffuser to make the car’s rear appear more muscular.

Two new 18-inch and 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels have a complex geometric design, which enhances the car’s sportiness and gorgeous travel.

For the first time, Kia also introduced two new outer packagings.

For high-performance models on many markets around the world, the new “dark packaging” has a glossy black diffuser surround and black wide-hole muffled tips.

The stinger logo on the trunk lid is also black.

For North America, a new “black packaging” is available, giving customization fans the opportunity to further enhance the beauty of the stinger with a more aggressive fresh look.

The black kit includes new 19-inch matte black lightweight wheels, a new rear wing for the boot lid, and blackened rearview mirror covers and side fender decorations.

A higher quality cabin with new colour options and an improved infotainment screen Although the structure of the upgraded Stinger cabin remains the same, it has a spacious, driver-facing instrument panel and a comfortable space for up to 5 passengers, but it has a series of subtle improvements.

Kia design these visual and material upgrades to improve the car’s excellent traveling ability and create a more luxurious atmosphere.

The lower part of the steering wheel uses a new metal surface treatment to match the chrome bezel surrounding the 7.0-inch all-digital instrument cluster. The latter aims to provide simple information to the driver through its high-definition display.

The rearview mirror is now frameless, modern and enhances the rear view.

According to the different specifications, the dashboard and doors use new contrast stitching, while designers decorates the center console with aluminum or carbon fiber. Both measures enhance the mobility of the cabin. Kia is on the dashboard.

It is KIA’s upgraded 10.25-inch touch screen infotainment and navigation system. The front of the dashboard uses a new shiny black finish. The cab also uses a new mood lighting system, the driver can choose one of 64 colours to changes the character of the cab.

According to different markets, Stinger can provide new interior color and material options. Korean customers can specify a new “Dark Brown” monotonous interior, which includes ultra-soft diamond stitched Nappa leather seats.

For Kia’s global market, new options include Nappa leather upholstery in Saturn black, red or beige, and existing leather and synthetic leather options. The new Saturn Black option uses a “chain” pattern with contrasting red stitching in the black suede seat to mimic the chain links in the strap.

The carmaker will soon announce more stinger details. The enhanced Kia Stinger will go on sale in South Korea in the third quarter of 2020, and to many Kia global markets later. Kia will soon reveal more details about the upgraded Stinger, including its new powertrain product line and technology.

These [specifications] is under Korean regulations and does not apply to the South African market. Kia Motors South Africa has no immediate plans to introduce the enhanced Stinger to the local market.


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