Large  gatherings are super spreader of the outbreak, warns Ramaphosa

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that retail outlet will only sell alcohol between 10 am and 6pm Monday through to Thursday.

Addressing  to the nation late on Monday, President Ramaphosa said alcohol consumption was strictly prohibited in all public places such as beaches and parks.

The president said registered wineries and vineyards will continue to offer wine tasting and sales for off-site consumption on weekends.

This exception is due to the contribution of establishments to the tourism sector in some parts of the country.

He said that because of potential transmission, all post-funeral events, including after-tear parties, were prohibited.

“Gatherings, especially social gatherings and parties, are the biggest source of the outbreak. In many of these gatherings, people do not pay attention to social distancing, the place is crowded and ventilation is inadequate, hand sanitizer is not easily accessible, and people do not wear masks.

“A lot of people drink alcoholic beverages during this ‘super spreader’ events, making people less careful in taking action to protect and prevent infection,” said President Ramaphosa.

He said that managers or owners of buildings, places or premises, retail stores, shopping centres and government buildings are required by law to ensure that all customers who enter their facilities or buildings wear a mask.

“This means that the same additional restrictions that we have imposed on Nelson Mandela Bay will take effect  from midnight (Monday 14 2020) and will remain in effect until we see a significant and permanent decrease in infections. However, the curfew will be longer., starting at 11 pm and ending at 4 am,” said the President.

He said non-essential establishments, including restaurants and bars, should close by 10 p.m. to allow employees and customers to leave before curfew.

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