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Limpopo farmer killed during a house robbery, ‘his Zimbabwean employee arrested’  

Robbery suspect was killed and his wounded accomplice arrested following a shootout with police in the early hours on Tuesday, morning, shortly after an aggravated break-in at a farmhouse in Limpopo that left a farmer dead.

In a statement, Limpopo Police Spokesperson, Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo said Marthinus Richter, 68, was murdered during a robbery allegedly committed by people working on his property.

According to police Richter’s wife was burned and injured with an unknown instrument during the robbery.

“The information available indicates that an unspecified number of suspects broke into the Dwalboom Vygeboompoort farmhouse on Tuesday at 2 am, killed the husband, and burned and injured his wife,” Brigadier Mojapelo said.

Two suspects, both Zimbabweans, were identified as employees at the same farm, Brigadier Mojapelo said, adding that police are investigating to determine if any other suspects are involved in the case.

He said police got information about the suspected stolen car around Bela Bela that matched the description of a car that had been robbed at Dwalboom farm.

The same vehicle had been spotted driving along Potgieter Street in Bela Bela, and when police ordered the driver to pull off, the suspects allegedly started firing at the police and a shootout ensued.

“One suspect was killed and the second was wounded and arrested.”

Brigadier Mojapelo said police recovered the stolen car, five firearms, including toy guns, live ammunition, two plasma TVs, two cell phones and tools.


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