Limpopo! Kia opens state-of-the-art facility in Mokopane

Kia South Africa has unveiled a completely new facility in Mokopane in the Waterberg District, Limpopo.

The brand-new Kia Mokopane, a state-of-the-art facility stretching across 2,230 square metres, will serve new Kia vehicle sales and service as many as 45 cars per day.

The facility is a 24-hour standby generator to avoid business disruption during power outages, including a water storage capacity of 130 kilolitres if there are water restrictions.

“My introduction to the Kia brand more than 13 years has been inspiring from day one,” said Muneer Noormohamed, owner of Kia Mokopane franchisee for the past 8 years.

When the Kia brand begins its exciting evolution, cities including Mokopane maintains global and national trends and changes.

This new dealership using its smart technology isn’t just the evolving Kia brand but the growing investment around the communities we serve.

Executives from Kia South Africa including its CEO Gary Scott, Kia South Africa founder Ray Levin, and stakeholders in the financial services industry attended the opening.

Mokopane Mayor, Frans Mokwele, was present and congratulated Kia for investigating in Mokopane.

“Muneer’s substantial investment in expanding Kia businesses after seven years in Mokopane reflects Kia development brand, its confidence in the business partnership and success in and around Mokopane.

This property is an excellent sign of redevelopment in Mokopane and will also be a significant place to go for both Mokopane residents and Kia motorists traveling or touring via the Limpopo, “says Gary Scott, CEO, Kia South Africa

Only a two-hour drive from Gauteng, Mokopane is an access destination to Waterberg District, a renowned agricultural centre.

The district [Waterberg] produces wheat, tobacco, cotton, corn, peanuts, and citrus, and complete of minerals, with mining of platinum, diamonds, and granite develop any nearby economy.

Kia South Africa invites customers to visit the new Kia Mokopane, located at 19 Thabo Mbeki Drive, to test drive the latest Kia models and get the facility’s team a first-hand inspiring customer service experience.

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