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Limpopo police’s encounter with a convoy of illegal Zimbabwean nationals “exposes sinister reality of human trafficking!”

In a chilling discovery that has uncovered a potential human trafficking ring, Limpopo police stumbled upon a convoy of 133 undocumented Zimbabwean nationals crammed into 11 motor vehicles, hurtling down the N1 North bypass Gateway near Polokwane.

Limpopo police spokesperson, Brigadier Hluni Mashaba confirmed among the harrowing scene were women, men, and 73 children, aged from six months to 17 years, all being ferried towards an unknown destination.

With swift action, the Limpopo Task Force swooped in, halting the suspicious convoy and launching a thorough search.

It didn’t take long to uncover the truth – these individuals had no legal papers and were suspected victims of human trafficking.

Brigadier Mashaba said as the authorities work tirelessly to unravel this sinister plot, a fleet of eight Toyota Quantums, two Toyota Hilux GD6 Double Cab bakkies with Canopys, and a Toyota Fortuner were confiscated.

“With the assistance of the Department of Home Affairs and Social Development, the undocumented foreigners and possible trafficking victims will be processed accordingly. The investigation is continuing,” added Brigadier Mashaba.

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