Lockdown ban in eateries selling cooked food absurd, says DA

Democratic Alliance (DA) says it is challenging the government guideline restricting shops from selling prepared food during the lockdown, portraying the method of reasoning as ludicrous and badly considered.

“In the amended lockdown guidelines, nothing forbids the production or selling of prepared food,” DA Shadow Minister of Trade and Industry, Dean Macpherson [pictured above] said in a statement on Sunday.

Macpherson said DA believes Trade, Industry, and Competition Minister, Ebrahim Patel, has overstepped his powers by pronouncing that retailers may not sell prepared food.

“I have written a letter to Minister Patel to furnish me with the lawful guidance he depended on to articulate the ban on prepared food, ‘as the law stands’.

Macpherson said the DA is also consulting with their legal team to get a lawful point of view on the legitimateness of Minister Patel’s actions.

“This absurd determination by Minister Patel is strange and poorly considered,” added Macpherson.

Macpherson said the ban will have detrimental effects for frontline health care workers, security services, essential service workers, and transport workers including truck drivers.

They depend on prepared food in light of the work they are doing.

“The ban will also affect the old, who also depend on cafés to buy prepared nourishment as a result of their fragility,” added Macpherson.

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