Lockdown ban in eateries selling cooked food absurd, says DA

Demo­c­ra­t­ic Alliance (DA) says it is chal­leng­ing the gov­ern­ment guide­line restrict­ing shops from sell­ing pre­pared food dur­ing the lock­down, por­tray­ing the method of rea­son­ing as ludi­crous and bad­ly con­sid­ered.

“In the amend­ed lock­down guide­lines, noth­ing for­bids the pro­duc­tion or sell­ing of pre­pared food,” DA Shad­ow Min­is­ter of Trade and Indus­try, Dean Macpher­son [pic­tured above] said in a state­ment on Sun­day.

Macpher­son said DA believes Trade, Indus­try, and Com­pe­ti­tion Min­is­ter, Ebrahim Patel, has over­stepped his pow­ers by pro­nounc­ing that retail­ers may not sell pre­pared food.

“I have writ­ten a let­ter to Min­is­ter Patel to fur­nish me with the law­ful guid­ance he depend­ed on to artic­u­late the ban on pre­pared food, ‘as the law stands’.

Macpher­son said the DA is also con­sult­ing with their legal team to get a law­ful point of view on the legit­i­mate­ness of Min­is­ter Patel’s actions.

“This absurd deter­mi­na­tion by Min­is­ter Patel is strange and poor­ly con­sid­ered,” added Macpher­son.

Macpher­son said the ban will have detri­men­tal effects for front­line health care work­ers, secu­ri­ty ser­vices, essen­tial ser­vice work­ers, and trans­port work­ers includ­ing truck dri­vers.

They depend on pre­pared food in light of the work they are doing.

“The ban will also affect the old, who also depend on cafés to buy pre­pared nour­ish­ment as a result of their fragili­ty,” added Macpher­son.

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