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Magashule’s case is likely to be heard before the ANC’s disciplinary committee, says political expert

The African National Congress (ANC) ‘s national working committee meets on Monday as the suspended party’s secretary general  Ace Magshule and his allies prepare for another battle in KwaZulu-Natal.

Despite the fact that brought his suspension as ANC general-secretary to the High Court, Magashule made a mistake by not apologising in public.

The ANC National Executive Committee could have expelled Magashule on the spot. Instead, they chose not to act on it because it would have appeared that they were conducting a campaign against him.

Ntsikelelo Breakfast, a political analyst, told etvnews on Monday the ruling party expected him to refuse to apologize.

“Magashule is actually playing into their hands by refusing to apologize.”

If he had apologised, he would have been able to concentrate solely on the issue before the High Court.

Magashule’s case against the ANC will be heard in the High Court of South Gauteng next week.

Breakfast believes that because Ramaphosa has the upper hand in both the NEC and the NWC, both will make choices that would be detrimental to Magashule.

He stated that they may declare that he must be expelled, but that he believes the subject will be brought to the ANC’s disciplinary committee.

In response to Magashule’s continued defiance, he stated that he should not be incontact with ANC branches in public or in private, and that his declaration that members of the ANC in the Free State will be brought to KwaZulu-Natal to support President Jacob Zuma when appeared in his corruption case really violated one of the sanctions.

When Zuma returns to court on Wednesday, Magashule is likely to be by his side.

“I believe this problem will be highlighted at that NWC meeting on Monday because if he loses his political battles within the ANC, he will mobilize in public and discredit ANC leaders, as he normally does.”

The fact that there have been four legal opinions on this indicates that it is not a simple issue, but rather a complicated one.

In my perspective, said Breakfast it is difficult to square the step aside concept with the constitutional position that a person is deemed innocent unless proven guilty, despite the reason being valid.

There is a gray area, and I believe it can go either way in a court of law.

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