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Mathabatha pleased with Limpopo citizens winning the war against COVID-19

Limpopo Premier Chupu Mathabatha has expressed sincere condolences to the families, relatives, and friends of those who succumbed to the coronavirus pandemic and wished a full recovery for all those infected.

“As we report here today (Friday), the latest available statistics show that we have registered 14,853 infections as a province,” said Premier Mathabatha, adding that the province has lost 384 lives in this deadly pandemic.

He said the province which has recorded 515 active cases so far saved 13,954 people.

In a statement on Friday, expressing Level 1 readiness and progress so far in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the Premier said the province would not have achieved significant results without the support of the people of Limpopo.

“To contain the spread of the virus, the Provincial Command Council, Technical Command Council, Disaster Management Advisory Committee and the Provincial Joint Operations Center have brought together all areas of government, including key stakeholders such as traditional leaders,” said Mathabatha.

Mathabatha also praised the people of Limpopo for complying with the lockout regulations.

“The citizens of this province are accepting of wearing masks in public.

They accepted the pain caused by the ban on important cultural, social, religious, and economic activities. I dare to say the people won the war against Covid-19, “said Mathabatha.

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