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Mercedes-Benz expects V-Class, the most popular range in 2022

Mercedez-Benz AG, the German carmaker, reported sales of more than 100,000 vehicles worldwide in the second quarter of 2022, which marked an increase of 1700 vehicles sold in the same period last year.

Mercedes-Benz Vans’ adjusted return on sales rose to 10.1 percent, reflecting sustained demand for its premium vans.

The results were particularly notable, as 2022 brought with it numerous challenges, including COVID restrictions, the ongoing semiconductor supply-chain bottlenecks and global turbulence.

Mercedes-Benz Vans expects the V-Class line to be its most popular range in 2022, with the Vito and Sprinter ranges also showing strong potential in the local market.

Mercedes-Benz Vans SA President Nadia Trimmel praised her international and local colleagues for their achievements in the first half of 2022.

Looking back at the first half of 2022, Trimmel expresses pride in his team’s resilience in the wake of many challenges and uncertainties.

“Having surpassed the halfway mark of our 2022 target, I am proud of the team overcoming the hurdles we have faced so far. I look forward to the remainder of the year, as we strive to reach our objective,” said Trimmel.

Mercedes-Benz Vans reported this quarter that demand for its electric vans grew significantly, driven by the eSprinter and eVito. Customer demand for e-vans rose over 80 percent, to 3500 units.

Our unwavering goal is to deliver the most desirable all-electric vehicles, worldwide, to our customers, according to Marinus Venter, Head of Product and Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Vans SA.

Despite some challenges in South Africa, the market remains an integral part of the plan,” Venter said.

While electric vans have not yet made their debut in South Africa, Venter said the wheels are turning in that direction.

“In the coming years, we will completely transform the South African van industry as we know it through the provision of exceptional electro-mobility solutions for both commercial and private users.” added Venter.

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