Mercedes-Benz Trucks offers free driver training to improve road safety

In response to government call that has set October transport month, calling for business participation to provide a safer, more affordable, and reliable service, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is offering driver raining to the 160 drivers using their Actros Models.

Under the October 2020 theme “Together shaping the future of transport”, the Ministry of Transportation is focusing and raising transport awareness and its role to the economy.

The two-day training program which runs from October to December 2020, Mercedes-Benz is offering truck drivers training to selected customers depending on their qualifications.

The training covers topics such as understanding Mercedes-Benz driving philosophy, applying defensive driving skills and techniques, and understanding the active and passive safety systems.

Upon successful completion, the drivers will receive a driver training certificate.

“We keep our roads safe by offering the right truck, driven by a professional driver.

Greater safety is an important pillar of our road efficiency strategy.

For this reason, our trucks have advanced safety functions such as Active Brake Assist 5, Proximity Control Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, and Attention Assist to name a few.

Trained drivers are more efficient for road users because they have less downtime.

We are pleased to offer this training to our valued customers and prove our promise to make our roads safer, “said Mareth Gerber, Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks South Africa.

Gerber said the advantages for drivers and customers after successful completion of the course include increased driver competence and efficiency, lower environmental impact, lower fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs, and improved road safety.

“This supports the ‘Transport Month’ initiative and everything it aims to achieve,” added Gerber.

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