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Moodey escaped prosecution following a sex-for-job scandal, claims Steenhuisen

Democratic Alliance (DA) Gauteng leader, John Moodey resigned to avoid sex for jobs scandal disciplinary action, party leader, John Steenhuisen said on Thursday.

“When Moodey left, he tried to distract himself by slandering his erstwhile colleagues, playing the racing cards and trying to do as much damage as possible to the party on the way out, spreading injustice and rumours,” said DA leader, John Steenhuisen.

Moody pointed to Helen Zille and said she was the major reason he resigned.

He said he no longer felt at home in the DA and did not have the energy to defend himself against the party’s accusations against him.

Steenhuisen claims Moodey is running away from facing very serious charges relating to an attempt to frame a political opponent in a sex-for-jobs scandal, which also involved attempting to bribe two young and vulnerable first-time councillors into giving false evidence.

“Moody left and avoided formal inquiries as he is no longer a member of the DA. He also made clear threats, saying he will “expose the accusations” if the DA responded to his accusations,” said Steenhuisen.

The case is one of the most serious before the Federal Law Commission of the DA (FLC). Their proceedings were due soon. During the proceedings, Moodey had the full right to review evidence and bring his legal defence.

“DA has nothing to hide. Moodey did, and his threats won’t stop us from setting the record straight,” added Steenhuisen.

He said the DA sets the standard in everything we do and we strive to go beyond gutter politics, matters that are still internal processes are now being exposed.

“With his resignation, Moodey fled serious charges of trying to trick political opponents into working on a sex scandal that included.

DA  also accuse him of offering these councillors promotion to the 2021 electoral list if they cooperate to make false statements to disgrace high-level politicians,” added Steenhuisen.


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