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Motsoaledi bans bus Company ferrying Zimbabwean illegal immigrants into SA, driver, and passengers arrested

Home Affairs Minister, Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi, has slammed the brakes on a bus ferrying illegal Zimbabwean migrants into South Africa saying the time for flouting our laws, and treating’ us like clowns’ has gone.

Minister Motsoaledi warned the bus driver of  Rimbi Tours at the Beitbridge border post in Limpopo on Easter Weekend that their dishonest business of bringing illegal Zimbabweans to South Africa is over.

Rimbiri bus tours company is said to have been caught four times smuggling illegal Zimbabweans into South Africa and fined for each offense but has not paid a cent.

The department of transport informed Minister Motsoaledi that the company was for the first time fined  R120 000, then R165 000, followed by R45 000, and for four-time R90 000.

A department official reported that the company has yet to pay any of the fines

“I’m really getting irritated. This company is no longer allowed in South Africa. You can’t have one company breaking the law for the fourth time and you charge them, but they don’t pay because they believe we are clowns. We at immigration will do our best to stop it if you guys at transport don’t do your job. I think I’m seeing it for the last time.,” said Dr.Motsoaledi.

The bus company’s driver and passengers were arrested.

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