New COVID-19 regulations for funerals

New reg­u­la­tions gov­ern­ing who may attend a funer­al under the Coro­n­avirus-enforced lock­down have been put in place by the Depart­ment of Coop­er­a­tive Gov­er­nance and Tra­di­tion­al Affairs (Cog­ta).

Cog­ta Min­is­ter Nkosazana Dlami­ni Zuma has gazetted fur­ther amend­ments to the reg­u­la­tions on the COVID-19 lock­down in order to flat­ten the infec­tion curve.

The amend­ments allow cer­tain indi­vid­u­als to move between provinces, met­ro­pol­i­tan and dis­trict areas for the pur­pos­es of trans­port­ing a body for bur­ial pur­pos­es.

The amend­ment also lim­its the indi­vid­u­als who are per­mit­ted to trav­el to funer­als.

The reg­u­la­tions now out­line a process on how peo­ple — who wish to trav­el between provinces or met­ro­pol­i­tan and dis­trict areas to attend a bur­ial or cre­ma­tion — can obtain a per­mit.

Only the fol­low­ing peo­ple, who live out­side a province or met­ro­pol­i­tan and dis­trict areas, may attend a funer­al:

  • spouse or part­ner of the deceased;
  • chil­dren of the deceased, whether bio­log­i­cal, adopt­ed or stepchil­dren.
  • chil­dren-in-law of the deceased;
  • par­ents of the deceased — whether bio­log­i­cal, adopt­ed or step­par­ents;
  • sib­lings, whether bio­log­i­cal, adopt­ed or step­broth­er or sis­ter of the deceased;
  • grand­par­ents of the deceased; and
  • per­sons close­ly affil­i­at­ed to the deceased.

The cur­rent pro­hi­bi­tion of 50 per­sons attend­ing a funer­al is still in effect. The hold­ing of night vig­ils is still pro­hib­it­ed.

The per­mit may be obtained from a Mag­is­trate or a sta­tion com­man­der of a police sta­tion or a per­son des­ig­nat­ed by him or her.

In order to obtain a per­mit a Mag­is­trate, who is the head of office or a sta­tion com­man­der of a police sta­tion or a per­son des­ig­nat­ed by him or her, must be pro­vid­ed with a death cer­tifi­cate or a cer­ti­fied copy of a death cer­tifi­cate.

A per­mit hold­er may stay at a hotel, lodge or guest­house for the dura­tion of the funer­al or cre­ma­tion. The per­mit must be pre­sent­ed to the own­er or man­ag­er of the hotel, lodge or guest­house.

The COVID-19 reg­u­la­tions and amend­ment may be accessed for down­load.  –

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