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New insulin therapy available in South Africa

By Tranica Gurcharan

The new insulin therapy can aid in the management of type 2 diabetes and weight loss.

According to the International Diabetes Federation, diabetes affects 422 million people worldwide, with12.8 percent of South African adults suffering from the deadly disease.

Type 2 diabetes is a long-term condition in which the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin. This disorder can cause a variety of health issues.

Uncontrolled diabetes can cause elevated blood sugar levels because insulin is the hormone that regulates blood sugar.

Hyperglycemia can damage the body’s blood vessels and nerves. It has the potential to cause serious illness.

The glycated haemoglobin (A1C) test is the easiest way to check for diabetes. This test is used to decide a person’s blood sugar level. It shows how much sugar it has stored in their bodies over two to three months.

A blood sugar level of less than 5.7 percent is natural since a level of over 6.5 per cent is prediabetic. Diabetes is a blood sugar level of over 6.5 per cent on two separate tests.

If the A1C test is not available, a random blood sugar test or a fasting blood sugar test can decide whether diabetes is present.

The major target after being diagnosed is to avoid long-term complications.

Maintaining and enhancing our capacity to eat sugar is one of the most effective ways to keep and enhance the glycaemic role.

Starting a diet and engaging in daily physical exercise are the most effective ways to combat diabetes.

Smokers need to stop smoking to avoid complications.

Maintaining a balanced lifestyle includes keeping track of blood sugar levels.

If lifestyle modifications do not control blood sugar levels, medication is the next step.

Oral and injectable drugs that help increase insulin production or include its work.

Some diabetes drugs work by lowering blood sugar levels or slowing the absorption of sugar.

Insulin therapy is another form of diabetes treatment, but they often delay it because of a variety of reasons, including patient issues and healthcare providers.

Weight gain concern increased hypoglycemia, and treatment complexity is the most common concerns for insulin therapy.

With insulin therapy, doctors must keep patients informed about their regimens.

Novo Nordisk South Africa is happy to announce the local launch of its new insulin therapy offering.

A fixed-ratio combination of basal insulin and glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists (GLP-1 RAs) in a single formulation makes up the current injectable insulin therapy.

GLP-1 agonist medications treat type 2 diabetes.

This medication works by inhibiting hormones action that regulates pancreas.

GLP-1 is an incretin that boosts insulin secretion in the body. This hormone aids in the control of blood sugar levels.

According to Dr Adri Kok, a specialist, the combination of GLP-1RA and basal insulin has a unique feature they can use with fixed-ratio co-formulations.

“Taken once a day, this medication can intensify with no extra injections every day. Dr Kok states that a higher number of daily injections have a link to lower adherence, lower quality of life, and therapeutic inertia.

Patients can administer the latest treatment with a once-daily  dosage without a meal.

For people with type 2 diabetes, the set combination has several advantages, including a lower rate of hypoglycaemic episodes, fewer doses, a lower average daily insulin dose, and even weight loss.

Regularly monitoring your diabetes will help you avoid or mitigate complications.

The earlier you begin treatment, the better. Speak with your doctor about diabetes and the medications that are available to you right now. Visit Novo Nordisk South Africa for more information on diabetes.

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