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Nothing gained: DA blasts EFF “National Shutdown”

The Democratic Alliance (DA) on Tuesday pulled no punches in its criticism of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) “National Shutdown”, branding it a “mountain that gave birth to a mouse”.

In a statement on Tuesday, DA National Spokesperson, Solly Malatsi lambasted EFF’s statement citing that the protest had been successful,  despite knowing full well the repercussions due to court interdicts to prevent any illegal activity.

Malatsi contended that the DA’s two interdicts, one from the City of Cape Town and the other from the DA, prevented the EFF from engaging in illegal activity on Monday, noting that the potential repercussions were too big for them to risk.

On Saturday, the Gauteng High Court granted the DA’s petition, prohibiting the EFF from using any form of intimidation, violence, or coercion to interfere with South Africans’ right to work, attend school, and conduct business, in a bid to stop their planned national shutdown.

Malatsi contended that although the EFF may appear imposing, their bark is always greater than their bite.

He further suggested that the only viable solution to the three-decade ANC misrule is to use the power of the ballot, not to rely on the hollow threats of a “shutdown” or any form of intimidation.

“The only way to end the poverty and suffering of so many South Africans is by voting for a party that can truly bring about a change for the better,” he declared.

According to Malatsi the EFF’s bark is always bigger than its bite.

Malatsi declared DA have seen far too many times in the past how the EFF claimed to have national influence and the truth is they don’t.


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