Noticeable Mitsubishi Triton reaches Xtreme height

Triton Xtreme: Image supplied.

Tri­ton Xtreme is only avail­able in the form of 4x4 Dou­ble Cab Auto, which not only has an attrac­tive, adven­tur­ous appear­ance but also includes a high­er stance, tak­ing its already impres­sive off-road capa­bil­i­ties to extra heights.

“We are launch­ing Tri­ton Xtreme for own­ers with extreme lifestyles, and the price is only a frac­tion of the cur­rent 4x4 Auto flag­ship mod­el,” said Nic Camp­bell, gen­er­al man­ag­er at Mit­subishi Motors South Africa (MMSA).

“Many of them are also eager to own per­son­al extreme vehi­cles like Tri­ton Xtreme to live an adven­tur­ous lifestyle and unique taste.”

With Mit­subishi Triton’s suc­cess in the company’s 2019 land­mark year and grow­ing sales in the shrink­ing domes­tic mar­ket.

The 2020 Tri­ton Xtreme is the company’s fourth new mod­el this year.

Camp­bell said: “The new Xtreme has all the fea­tures of 4x4 Dou­ble Cab Auto, includ­ing all the secu­ri­ty fea­tures from the back­bone of Mit­subishi prod­ucts, and has got a com­plete set of Xtreme’s unique addi­tion­al visu­al func­tions.”

Tri­ton and Super Select II 4WD sys­tem com­bined elec­tron­ic off-road assist sys­tem, with full-time all-wheel dri­ve option and cen­tral dif­fer­en­tial lock option and option­al two-wheel dri­ve, Tri­ton Xtreme makes children’s games the most extreme Adven­ture dri­ving con­di­tions.

The new Tri­ton Xtreme is undoubt­ed­ly extreme in appear­ance, its recog­nised with many oth­er fea­tures even at a dis­tance.

Oth­er looks that make the 2020 Tri­ton Xtreme stand out include the Xtreme brand, 4x4 stick­ers, door han­dle cups to pre­vent paint from being scratched by nails; roof racks that sup­port adven­ture lifestyle gear, such as surf­boards, win­dow visors and tail­light cov­ers .

These include an elec­tron­ic off-road assist sys­tem that enhances the safe­ty of the Super Select II 4WD sys­tem through a ramp-down con­trol sys­tem, improv­ing off-road safe­ty.

Tri­ton Xtreme has an extreme off-road per­for­mance of 28o approach angle, 23o off angle and 25o break­through angle to con­quer extreme off-road dri­ving con­di­tions.

War­ran­ty and ser­vice:

The Mit­subishi Tri­ton Xtreme is cov­ered by the orig­i­nal Mit­subishi Motors’ Manufacturer’s War­ran­ty of 3 years or 100 000km, a 5‑year/ 90 000 km Ser­vice Plan and a 5‑year/unlimited mileage Road­side Assis­tance. Ser­vice inter­vals are sched­uled at every 15 000 km or once a year.


Tri­ton Xtreme Dou­ble Cab 4WD Auto — R639 995.95.

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