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November 1 declared public holiday, giving electorates opportunity to cast their votes

President Cyril Ramaphosa has declared November 1, 2021 a public holiday in accordance with Section 2A of the Public Holidays Act of 1994 to allow eligible voters to cast ballots.

The South African electorate will elect councils to all nine provinces’ districts, metropolitan areas, and municipal councils, as it is done every five years.

President Ramaphosa encourages all registered voters to take advantage of the public holiday to exercise their democratic right and civic duty by participating in this election, which gives citizens the power to elect new leaders and impact service delivery in their communities.

“Voters are also reminded that they will be eligible to vote only at polling stations in the wards in which they are registered.” Voters will not be able to move their votes to voting booths outside of their allotted wards if they decide to travel, according to the Presidency.

The President encourages voters to follow the COVID-19 health requirements when casting their ballots.

Ramaphosa also encourages employers to allow their employees to exercise their constitutional right to vote on November 1.

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