Online application for car financing made by Nissan SA

Consistent with its Home Shop @platform, which makes it easier for customers to interact with their products and follow COVID-19 best management practices, Nissan South Africa has launched a new website technology that customers used to apply for funding online.

The carmaker is the first in South Africa to provide a flexible website with a credit bureau to provide car buyers with financial approval in advance.

Because the coronavirus is an extraordinary challenge for the auto industry, the use of technology to provide customers with a complete suite of virtual solutions, including e-commerce, is more important than ever.

“When developing the platform, our goal was to make it easier for customers to apply for car financing online so they don’t have to ask questions.”

We ask candidates to tell us something about themselves and the car they want to buy. We can inform you within 10 minutes whether we approve you for the requested car financing.

If not, we can offer other options to suit your budget. said Dane Reddy, head of digital at WesBank.

This powerful tool, introduced by WesBank and Nissan, allows customers to get approved to finance a car in minutes from the comfort of their mobile device.

Now, the convoluted and complex auto financing application process has been streamlined so that potential and current Nissan customers can receive unique deals that fit their budget.

The tool’s built-in intelligence or algorithms can instantly confirm approval or rejection status, giving customers the flexibility to use large payments or deposits to make transactions.

Nissan pre-financing is supported by WesBank, which allows customers to fill out a pre-approval form to check their availability before applying for financing.

We integrate the tool into the bank machine.

The process is smooth, comfortable, and fast. Eliminates the hassle of the entire vehicle application process, which is usually tedious and time-consuming.

Once the customer is approved, it will release a complete PDF for download with a reference number and a transaction structure that the customer can use in preparing for a purchase with the merchant.

The automaker said it was constantly looking for innovative solutions to ensure customers had a smooth and easy car buying process.

“As the first OEM to work with WesBank, we are pleased to use digital innovation solutions to meet customer needs through this collaboration.

By incorporating WesBank digital application technology into our website, Nissan and Nissan Finance will expand to include potential services for Nissan car owners. Said Nancy Mudley, director of customer experience and digital business at Nissan South Africa.






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