Online gym gives hope to fitness enthusiasts

When COVID-19 lockdown traps people in their own homes and unable to perform daily tasks, experts worry that people may develop bad eating habits and stay away from regular exercise.

With the closure of the gyms, even ordinary gym fanatics have difficulty maintaining their fitness habits.

According to the lockdown regulations,  gyms are closed, eliminating livelihoods of  fitness coaches.

Coaches must find an alternative way to make a living by placing food on the table.

Therefore, fitness coach Oelof de Meyer created the online fitness course, online platform.

“Just like an ordinary gym, it has different coaches and different types of courses, but people can join in the comfort of their homes,” said De Meyer.

He said Hadada teaches all fitness courses live, so participants can get the same interaction and motivation from their instructors as if doing it face to face.

“Like many instructors, after the lockdown started, I tried to teach online, but it was very difficult. My friends told me they are experiencing similar problems,” said De Meyer.

As a fitness instructor, said De Meyer, I enjoy teaching and helping people instead of getting into administrative difficulties.

He said Hadada makes things simple for customers to browse the online timetable, just book and pay required course fees.

“When they need to take part in the course, customers log in to their account page, where they join the course through video conference.

After uploading a week course, my students can easily and securely book, pay and take part in an online course,” explained De Meyer.

Hadada offers  real-time courses, and as a coach, added De Meyer  “I can help provide technical advice, and we chat before and after the class.”

For more information contact: Oelof de Meyer at or 079 176 2775



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