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Oust the ANC in 2024 to achieve real change in SA, says Groenewald

FF Plus leader Peter Groenewald believes voters in the 2024 national elections must oust the African National Congress (ANC) from power to bring about change in South Africa.

“The ANC government has been South Africa’s biggest disaster. It is necessary to resolve this disaster by ousting the ruling party before we can deal with other disasters, such as the electricity supply crisis that is currently plunging the country into darkness,” he said.

He claimed the energy crisis was the result of an ANC policy that instigated the problem 16 years ago. He said the party that created it should be trusted to resolve it.

In 2007, power outages began. To tackle the electricity crisis, former president Jacob Zuma established a “War Room” and in 2015

Cyril Ramaphosa, the current head of state, was designated to oversee it.

“There was no development,” Groenewald says circumstances only deteriorated.

According to Groenewald, evidence of this can be found in the way the government responded to the President’s declaration of a state of disaster.
This was during his State of the Nation Address.

In a State of Disaster, President Ramaphosa said the main objective to address electricity cries was to take swift action and start looking for solutions immediately.
However, according to Groenewald, it took nearly 21 days for the disaster regulations to be announced.

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