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Outrage as Eskom plans to increase tariffs by 32%

The Democratic Alliance MP Kevin Mileham said that Eskom’s demand for more tariff hikes on electricity which consumers are denied using as a result of prolonged load-shedding would be outrageous and insulting.

Mileham said it’s shameful that South Africans are struggling with rising living costs and daily load- shedding, while Eskom is applying to the National Energy Regulatory Authority of South Africa (NERSA) for a 32.02 % tariff increase, which it expects to be passed on to consumers – for a product that the energy supplier does not provide.

Eskom plans to apply for a tariff increase of 32% from April 1, 2023/24.

He warned that if Eskom’s tariff request is approved amid a cost-of-living crisis, millions of South Africans will become poor, businesses will close, and unemployment will worsen.

He said that 2022 will be remembered as the worst year of load-shedding in South African history, and that Eskom plans on charging high tariffs on a product that they are unable to deliver.

He said that the increase in tariff applications comes as part of the DA’s national campaign against the rising cost of food, which is causing many South Africans to struggle to afford food.

Mileham said DA will do everything it can to ensure Eskom does not raise its prices unjustifiably.

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