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Perilous road between Tolwe and Baltimore to Marken: Potholes prove deadly

Last updated on 2022-12-17

The long-neglected stretch of road between Tolwe and Baltimore to Marken, Limpopo has become an eyesore, with its deep potholes proving to be a deadly hazard, resulting in fatal accidents, serious injury, and destruction of vehicles.

Deep and wide potholes turned into wild animals drinking lakes

The Democratic Alliance (DA) asserts that the three-kilometre tarred road toTolwe has been so severely neglected that local residents have resorted to building makeshift gravel roads on either side, frequented by motorists, particularly those hauling goods between Groblersbrug border post and Botswana for economic pursuits.

Risham Maharaj, DA Limpopo Spokesperson for Public Works, Roads and Infrastructure, has urged MEC for Public Works, Roads and Infrastructure, Nkakareng Regale, to urgently intervene over the grave condition of the hazardous road between Tolwe and Baltimore, as heavy-duty truckers use and the bellowing dust it raises is posing a major health risk to nearby communities, and also suffocating crops of local farmers.

The road’s condition is hurting the area’s economy since farmers use it to transport fresh produce to Gauteng.

In response to numerous complaints from residents, farmers, and motorists, DA Councillor, Corinus du Toit, conducted an oversight visit in Baltimore, Tolwe, and Marken.

“A 10-kilometer stretch of Tolwe to Baltimore Road has been patched numerous times, but there are still many potholes that can cause accidents, especially at night,” said Maharaj.

According to Maharaj, the Baltimore to Marken road has barely any tarred surface left.

“The failure to maintain the roads is hampering local economic development and accessibility of services for residents in surrounding areas and villages. Also, we asked the MEC to expedite the repair of these potholes by including them in “Operation Thiba Mekoti Ditseleng.”

Maharaj said his party is committed to ensuring that Limpopo’s road infrastructure network is safe, adequate, and stimulates economic development.

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