Persons with disabilities have the right to lead productive lives

Limpopo Premier, Chupu Mathabatha, has called on government departments, municipalities and state-owned entities to do their part ensuring persons with disabilities have the right to live full, productive, and meaningful lives.

“Therefore, it is important for Limpopo residents to be motivated to respect people with disabilities, change negative attitudes and stigmatizing people with disabilities. Amid COVID-19, we applaud the involvement, and participation of persons with disabilities in the province’s main economic activities, “said the Premier in a statement commemorating the annual National Disability Rights Awareness Month.

This month, various departments will assess how government programs have benefited the disability sector, and reduced the impact of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic.

Mathabatha said the Provincial Government will focus on empowering people with disabilities to access economy, that responsive disaster management strategies cater for people with  disability, inclusive education, and accessibility to justice system.

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