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Pocket ultra-zoom camera can capture special moments

(Africa Wire) Canon Europe has on Wednesday announced the launch of the PowerShot ZOOM, a palm-sized, lightweight 12megapixel camera with image stabilisation and an easy-to-use 3 step zoom.

The triple- decker zoom camera is designed to help users experience the moment and relive it in detail.

A dynamic and innovative concept in product design and usability, the Canon PowerShot ZOOM is a portable, monocular-style fixed lens camera, capable of Full HD video and super-zoom.

With 100mm, 400mm and a digitally extended 800mm zoom, this compact digital camera is ideal for families enjoying outdoor activities or nature enthusiasts wanting to get closer to wildlife from afar.

Canon PowerShot ZOOM allows users to capture distant objects as if they are nearer.

Whether you’re photographing your child, scoring a winning goal from the side, or looking at a rare bird, 3-Zoom enables instant optical and digital zoom.

The Canon PowerShot ZOOM achieves optical focal lengths of 100 mm and 400 mm with f / 5.6 and f / 6.3 openings and controls sharp focus on faraway subjects.

With an extended 800mm digital zoom, this feature phone is ideal for bird watchers and casual naturalists alike.

Weighing only 145g and with a tremendous increase in size, this unique single lens design allows users to take high-quality photos and videos without the need for a machine.

Instinctive control

With a minimal and ergonomic design, the Canon PowerShot ZOOM is an easy-to-use camera that delivers extraordinary results.

Five accessible buttons allow one-handed operation of still images and Full HD movies during recording and playback as well as easy-to-use menu display.

This intuitive tool features a simple menu view that makes PowerShot ZOOM easy to use.

With fully automatic control over Full HD 1080p photos and movies in MP4 format, users can capture precious family moments like for example, the child’s first day of exercise or a trip to the zoo to observe animals from a distance without having to worry about changing camera settings.

The intelligent electronic viewfinder (EVF) has a minimalist overlay so it doesn’t block the view and allows the user to immerse themselves in high-resolution images.

The powerful DIGIC 8 processor produces sharp, colorful images that bring subtle moments to life, while you can shoot at 10 frames per second to capture the action of those moments.

With a 12-megapixel sensor, users can capture wildlife on the go. It benefits from high resolution and fast reading.

Combined with continuous autofocus – with available face tracking options and 1-point AF, the PowerShot ZOOM is ideal for capturing open family moments.

With its advanced optical image stabilizer, PowerShot ZOOM creates stable, sharp images when you are shooting distant subjects or simply observing.

This lightweight camera also has a long battery life and fully charges a USB PD compatible USB Type-C® device in under two hours. Ideal for outdoor photography.

Amine Djouahra, Canon’s Sales and Marketing Director for Central and North Africa, said, “Canon’s Kyosei philosophy is at the heart of the brand and the Japanese word for living together and working for the common good.

This is the most important thing in how we interact with our users. One way to do this is by giving our customers the ability to create memories.

The Powershot ZOOM is the perfect tool to help with this. The compact design and the ability to perform superior functions create endless possibilities for those who use it. That’s what Canon is about – our customers can leave a lasting legacy for future generations with just one click,” said Djouahra.

Connect and share your experiences

To protect precious memories, Canon PowerShot ZOOM allows users to import, view and geotag images via Wi-Fi, supported by a Bluetooth® connection to their smartphone.

With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, users can unlock live recording for photos using the Canon Camera Connect app.

If a friend or family member connects their smartphone to the camera first , they can even see in real time what the shooter sees through the viewfinder when they are nearby.

Canon PowerShot ZOOM guarantees users to feel the moment, capture all the details, and share it with friends and family without a hitch.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA).   Further information about Canon Europe is available at:

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