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Police in Nkandla responded calmly to the protest, preventing violence and bloodshed, says EFF

The Economic Freedom Fighters commend the police in Kwa-Zulu Natal for maintaining discipline and restraint during the demonstrations at former president Jacob Zuma’s homestead on Sunday.

In a statement on Monday night, EFF National Spokesperson Vuyani Pambo said, despite bloodthirsty racists’ hateful attacks and social media calls, the Police at Nkandla handled the situation well, avoiding violence and loss of life.

“When confronted by political dissent and protests, all police departments must resist the impulse to inflict violence against protesters under the guise of upholding the law,” said Pambo.

Pambo maintained that the law does not require police to be violent; instead, police must strategise and prioritise the safety of their people over cheap attempts to show their strength and authority.

Pambo cited the killing of Marikana mineworkers as an example of police brutality and said law enforcers’ actions in Nkandla were strategic and cautious, preventing another bloodshed.

“In Marikana, workers were mercilessly murdered because egos yearned to show that they controlled the capital. Despite those utilising black-on-black violence and spilling black blood to suppress their opponents’ political views, the police can not allow it to continue.”

To foster mutual trust and safety between all police officers and the people of South Africa, Pambo recommended they should learn from those deployed at Nkandla.



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