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Public Protector given seven days release Phala Phala scandal report

Acting Public Protector Kholeka Gcaleka on Friday signed a memorandum delivered at her office by opposition parties, demanding the release the Phala Phala saga Report into Cyril Ramaphosa’s criminal activity.

The report is implicating President Ramaphosa in a number of crimes including money laundering, fraud, and corruption.

The document is a damning indictment of Ramaphosa’s time as president, and is likely to trigger his impeachment.

Arthur Fraser the former head of South Africas spy agency, the State Security Agency, filed a criminal complaint accusing President Ramaphosa of kidnapping, bribery, money laundering, and concealing a crime in the alleged theft of U.S dollars from his Phalaphaa Phala farm.

Speaking at the picketing outside the Public Protectors office, EFF leader Julius Malema said the public protector must release the report, no matter if it is complete or not.

He stressed that the people have the right to see the findings.

The Public Protector was asked to submit the report within seven days.

“The release of Phala Phla report is long overdue, said Malema, adding that President Ramaphosa must account for all his criminal activities at the Phalapha farm.

The African Transformation Movement, president Vuyo Zungula, said that the picket comprised of opposition parties in parliament and civil society demanding that Gcaleka releases the Phala Phala reports which implicates Ramaphoso in violations of his oath of office, and many other laws of the country.

He said the pickets follow a resolution by Opposition Parties that expedite the release of report so that Parliament can hold Ramaphosa accountable.

Zungula said the Executive Members Ethically Act requires the Public Protector to issue a report on the matter within 30 days of receiving the complain.

.”We are fast approaching day one hundred without this report,” he said.

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