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Ramaphosa brushes aside concerns that the COVID-19 vaccine jab causes individuals to fall ill

President Cyril Ramaphosa slammed as fake claims that the COVID-19 vaccine causes people to become ill and that the false information is spreading on WhatsApp, social media, and by word of mouth.

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: please think twice before pressing the share or send button. You’re sowing panic, anxiety, and uncertainty at a time when we can’t afford it,” the President said.

In his remarks, President Ramaphosa told those involved to consider the risks they are causing.

“It is scientifically proven that immunisations are effective, safe, highly efficient and life-saving. If you have any questions about the vaccine or are unsure, please contact the Department of Health and your doctor,” Ramaphosa said.

In South Africa, Ramaphosa claims the vaccines are effective against the delta form, and he said that the Vaccine Ministerial Advisory Committee is reviewing all available data so it can provide advice when new evidence becomes available.

In addition, said the President it is imperative to keep in mind that some people who have been vaccinated may still contract the disease despite the variation, as no vaccine is 100% effective.

“It is extremely important to remember that any vaccine we introduce will safeguard you from serious illness, hospitalisation, and, most importantly, death,” added Ramaphosa.


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