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“Rat-Ban” wards off rats and rodents, nesting, breeding in cars and chewing wires

Last updated on 2021-10-26

Rat-Bab Marder Spray protects car owners in rats-infested areas, where rodents chew through wires and hoses , causing expensive repairs.

Liqui Moly South Africa, distributor of Marder Spray, says consumers are happy with the product.

The Rat-Ban doesn’t kill.

When sprayed on plastic and rubber surfaces, its unpleasant smell keeps rats and rodents away.

Rat-Ban achieves exactly what its name implies; it fulfills its goal, warding off rats.

The spray teaches these infamous rodents that vehicle engines are not a spot for them.

“Where they run, hunt, eat, go wild, or dance when the alarm goes off.”

The stench prevents “critters” from entering places where they could damage vehicles.

Contrary to popular belief, rats can climb onto a vehicle’s tyres and crawl into the rear wheels and brakes, and then into the engine.

Upon entering the car, the rat does not live in harmony with it. They can build nests, store food, and even have babies in the engine. Chewing is their primary action.

Rats can chew through any wire in a vehicle, causing the engine not to run and severe damage that is hard to diagnose. They could even ignite a fire.

You might smell urine when starting your vehicle, which indicates rats have taken up residence inside.

Rats burrow through the firewall that separates the engine from the vehicle’s internal, causing heat in the cabin, sweltering passengers.

These pests scavenge potential areas and demonstrate strange or aggressive demeanor when they do not have food trash to eat.

Melicia Labuschagne of Liqui Moly said there are estimated 50 million rodents in South Africa.

Rodents are seeking a place to raise a family, according to Melaine Labuschagne of Liqi Moly SA.

She said warm and silent engine bays are perfect nesting areas for rats and rodents.

“The spray is a pet-friendly product, utterly non-toxic.

It simply creates a smell that these fluffy rats find repulsive. It doesn’t kill them,” said Lubuschagne.

She said all it takes is a regular spray on plastic and rubber surfaces.

Car owners can purchase 200 ml Marder Spry aerosol from Goldwagen and Builders Warehouse.

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