Remorseful Unilever steps in, EFF calls off Clicks “racist ad” protest

EFF members and Unilever delegation at a meeting to resolve TRESemme racial hair saga; Pic: supplied

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has indefinitely dropped a protest triggered by an “offensive and racist” advertisement published by TRESemmé on Clicks website.

The advert suggests that black women’s hair’s texture is inferior compared to that of white women.

In a joint statement with the EFF on Thursday, TRESemmé’s parent company, Unilever South Africa, expressed remorse to the country, especially to black women, and stated that the company will pull its subsidiary products off the retail store’s shelves across the country.

TRESemmé’s racist marketing ad campaign posted on the Clicks website featured black women’s hair that is dull and broken and “dry and damaged” while women’s white hair is “smooth and even.”

The racist ad campaign sparked outrage across the country, triggering the EFF to step up its protests and called for the closure of Clicks retail stores.

Unilever SA said it is committing to take the EFF and the country into confidence, removing TRESemmé products from retail stores around the country in 10 days.

“The director involved in offensive hair  advert has resigned. But we will take action against those also involved and still working for the company.

Upon the concluding the internal processes, Unilever will take the EFF and the Country into confidence,” said Unilever.

Unilever said it expresses remorse to SA black women in particular for SA racist TRESemmé image, adding that as a gesture of regret it will donate R100 000 worth of sanitary towels and sanitizers to the informal settlements chosen by EFF.

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