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Rogue police disgrace, exposing R15,000 case docket scandal

Two Limpopo police were arrested for extorting R15,000 from a suspect in exchange for destroying his case docket.

Police said the officers were thrown behind bars after the suspect became fed up with being pressured about the R5,000 balance.

A Limpopo Police Spokesperson, Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo, confirmed a warrant officer and a sergeant, both stationed at Sekgosese police station in Mopani District, were arrested on Tuesday. The duo was on duty at the police station.

The suspects appeared in Morebeng Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

Brigadier Mojapelo said the Anti-Corruption Unit launched a swoop on their prey almost immediately after they had obtained the remaining R5,000 in bribe as proof of extorting money  from the suspect.

He said the unit initiated an inquiry after being notified of a grievance from the complainant.

The complainant told investigating officers one of the police officers contacted him and demanded a R 5,000 settlement of the initial R15,000 bribe to close the case file.

The two accused were reportedly taken into custody almost immediately after obtaining the remaining R5,000 in bribe money as proof of extorting money from the suspect.

Limpopo Police Commissioner Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe welcomed the arrest of rogue police officers.

“The majority of those in the South African Police Service are enthusiastic about their job and unfailingly follow the laws of the nation and the SAPS Code of Conduct.”

Lt. Gen. Hadebe declared that the arrested policemen must be treated similarly to any other accused. This is because the Police Service will not condone these individuals pretending to be law enforcement officers.



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