SA COVID-19 cases rise to 3 034

Covid -19 statistics Health Department

South Africa has 3 034 con­firmed COVID-19 cas­es, with 903 recov­er­ies and 52 deaths, the Min­is­ter of Health, Dr. Zweli Mkhize, said on Sat­ur­day.

Mkhize held a vir­tu­al brief­ing on Sat­ur­day evening, where he released the country’s lat­est COVID-19 sta­tis­tics.

Gaut­eng has the major­i­ty of COVID-19 cas­es at 1 101, while the West­ern Cape has 836.

KwaZu­lu-Natal has 604, East­ern Cape 270, Free State 100 and Limpopo 26 cas­es.

In addi­tion, the North West has 24 cas­es, Mpumalan­ga 25 and the North­ern Cape 16.

There were 32 unal­lo­cat­ed cas­es.

To date, 108 021 COVID-19 tests have been con­duct­ed.

The major­i­ty of those who had passed away were the elder­ly.

“The major­i­ty of the deceased patients have been gen­er­al­ly elder­ly peo­ple and indi­vid­u­als who had under­ly­ing comor­bidi­ties. It has tend­ed to be con­sis­tent world­wide. We find that peo­ple with oth­er ail­ments tend to suc­cumb to those ail­ments, espe­cial­ly if affect­ed by COVID-19.

“Of course in some instances, COVID-19 might be the one that becomes a com­pli­cat­ing fac­tor,” said the Min­is­ter.

Mkhize urged vul­ner­a­ble groups to adhere to their treat­ment reg­i­men and to stay at home in order to reduce their expo­sure to COVID-19 infec­tion.


The Min­is­ter plead­ed with South Africans to adhere to the dis­as­ter man­age­ment reg­u­la­tions, which stip­u­late that only 50 peo­ple may attend a funer­al.

“We have been iden­ti­fy­ing [funer­als] an area of con­cern. There is a restric­tion on the num­ber of peo­ple who attend funer­als. We real­ly want to under­line the impor­tance of keep­ing to a low num­ber of peo­ple attend­ing the funer­als.

“There are var­i­ous things that are asso­ci­at­ed with funer­als, which tend to cre­ate a chal­lenge and that might expose peo­ple to con­tract­ing COVID-19.”

Mkhize said social dis­tanc­ing remains an impor­tant ele­ment in curb­ing the spread of the pan­dem­ic.

Mkhize explained that the nature of funer­als, where the bereaved are com­fort­ed and a shov­el han­dled by many in the inter­ment process, is an area of con­cern, as it pro­vides fer­tile ground for trans­mis­sion.

“We ask our peo­ple to change their approach when they deal with funer­als. There are changes in the way that we nor­mal­ly do things,” said the Min­is­ter.

COVID-19 test­ing scaled up

On test­ing, the Min­is­ter said while 108 021 tests were con­duct­ed, more still needs to be done.

“In the last of 24 hours, we have per­formed 7 194 tests, which actu­al­ly shows that the momen­tum is grow­ing pret­ty well.

“We still want to increase our test­ing. I am sat­is­fied with the lev­el of growth of the num­bers but I don’t think we are any­where close to where we need to be. From our point of view, many more peo­ple need to be test­ed,” said Mkhize. –

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