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SA recorded 65 fatalities related to COVID-19 diseases

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), has on Thursday reported 4,406 new COVID-19 cases in South Africa, bringing the overall number of laboratory-confirmed cases to 3,750, 830.

This increase reflects a 15.8 percent upsurge in positivity rate.

NICD is a division of the National Health Laboratory Service, continues to monitor various data sources related to the evolving nature of South Africa’s COVID-19 pandemic.

“The public can interpret these data with caution because they may be subject to change.  An early warning indicator, Wastewater detection surveillance, shows an increase in Gauteng”, said NICD Executive Director, Prof Adrian Puren.

According to Puren, the Omicron does not appear to be replacing the majority of circulating variants.

National Department of Health (NDoH) has announced that there might be a backlog of COVD-19 deaths reported due to its current audit.

The NDoH reports 65 fatalities, with five occurring during the last 24–48 hours. This puts the total number of deaths due to COVID-19-related diseases at 100,276.

A total of 24,262,108 tests have been conducted both in public and private sectors.

Gauteng recorded the majority of cases accounting for49 percent, followed by KwaZulu-Natal with 22 percent.

Western Cape accounted for 15 percent and Eastern Cape accounted for 5 percent. Free State, Mpumalanga, and North West accounted for 2 percent each, Limpopo and Northern Cape each accounted for 1 percent each.

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