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SA Volkswagen plant working three shifts manufacturing new Polos and Polo GTIs

The new Polo is being manufactured at Volkswage’s plant in Kariega, formerly Uitenhage.

It will be available for purchase from Volkswagen dealers in the first quarter of 2022.

The carmaker manufactures the new Polo and Polo GTI lines on a three-shift schedule for both domestic and international markets.

The first new Polo shipment left the plant for international markets in the last week of August 2021.

In addition to South Africa, the Volkswagen Polo is also being manufactured in Brazil, China, and Spain.

The Polos built in Kariega are exported to different markets, and Volkswagen established a separate left-hand-drive production line. Kariega is also the exclusive manufacturer of the Polo GTI.

The Volkswagen Polo was initially introduced in South Africa in October 1996, and remained a popular vehicle for 25 years.

Since the local launching of the sixth generation Volkswagen Polo in January 2018, over 400 000 units have been built in Kariega, with more than 326 000 units, or more than 80% of the total volume, meant for international markets.

In the three years since the sixth-generation hatchback went on sale on the local market, Volkswagen has sold 73 439 units.

“Behind the Polo Vivo, the Volkswagen Polo is the second best-selling passenger vehicle in South Africa and a crucial derivative for our brand. We sold over 10,000 Polos in the local market in 2021 alone, giving Volkswagen a 21.8 percent market dominance in the A0 Hatch segment, ” said Steffen Knapp, Head of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars Brand.

Knapp confirmed that Volkswagen dealers will begin selling the new Polo in the first quarter of 2022.

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