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Same awful ANC ideas, crippling the economy, says DA

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has slammed the ANC Reconstruction, Growth and Transformation discussion document proposal, saying the party’s same terrible ideas are even worse crippling the economy.

“The ANC’s discussion document is a list of more of the same bad ideas,” said DA Shadow Minister of Finance, Geordin Hill-Lewis, adding that if South Africa keeps any hope of emerging from the current economic crisis, it should reject the proposal. Geordin Hill-Lewis

Instead, said Hills- Lewis, the ANC is committing to a policy course that stifles entrepreneurship, and makes it harder to run a business and invest in South Africa, in favour of ’state led development.

“It is unclear how it plans to do so with an empty treasury, bankrupt State-Owned Entities, endemic corruption and mismanagement.

If the government’s response to COVID-19 has taught us anything, just how incapable the state is,” said Hills- Lewis.

Hill-Lewis said the document is a manifesto of more of the same awful ideas that have crippled our economy, and that are even worse.

Titled Reconstruction, Growth and Transformation, Building a New Inclusive Economy, the ANC said in a statement on Friday the document outlines ideas to mobilise society around an infrastructure -led recovery with new investments.

It includes energy, water and sanitation, roads and bridges, human settlement, health and education, digital infrastructure and public transport.

“To achieve significant job creation multipliers, the emphasis will be on localization including maximizing the South African material and construction companies including labour intensive,” the ANC said.

Hill-Lewis said If South Africa is to avoid mass impoverishment and skyrocketing unemployment in the coming months, the ANC must make progress on its promised reform agenda.

“The ANC must abandon the awful ideas that led to recession long before COVID-19,” added Hill-Lewis.




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