Samsung air conditioner takes care of  your health

Samsung traps viruses

Samsung’s air-conditioning series is equipped with Triple Care filters to make breathing easier. Now thousands of people around the world are increasingly concerned about improving the quality of breathing air that fights against bacteria and viruses.

Therefore, people are more aware of the need to provide safer, cleaner and healthier equipment.

With Samsung air conditioner, you can maintain the ideal temperature and make you feel comfortable, while the special filter can keep the indoor air hygienic.

This Tri-Care filter includes three layers to reduce harmful particles, help maintain indoor air health, reduce and trap bacteria and viruses. Each layer of the filter captures large dust particles, fibers and even animal hair, and also includes a zeolite coating that reduces viruses, bacteria and allergens.

The Samsung Air Conditioner product line also comes with Easy Filter Plus, which allows you to easily use the air conditioner.

Its dense mesh keeps the heat exchanger clean to maintain its performance and reduce energy consumption. You can maintain Samsung air conditioners through innovative technologies (such as Tri-Care filters).

Rob Larkan, head of Samsung South Africa’s Digital Aviation Solutions, said: “This is a glorious example of technology that will enable everyone to enjoy a better life.”

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