SEE provides linen and furniture for hospitals and schools

Hospital linen

To meet the hospital’s needs due to coronavirus, the Supported Employment Enterprise (SEE) under the Ministry of Employment and Labour said it is ready to provide hospital equipment including linen for the department of health to buy.

The ministry established the entity in 1943 to create employment opportunities for people with disability  unable to find work in the labour market due to suffering.

The proceeds and sales of various goods produced through this entity benefit the workforce, including persons with disabilities.

SEE acting CEO Sam Morotoba said that because of  COVID-19, their factories in eight provinces are working hard to produce flax and other products to meet the needs faced by hospitals.

“Since the beginning of the confinement, SEE has been producing some personal protective equipment, including face masks, protective clothing, disinfection tables and hospital linen,” Morotoba said.

He said that SEE also manufactures school furniture in 13 factories across the country, except in Mpumalanga.

“School furniture includes 15,000 combined desks of various sizes, suitable for primary, and high school. The furniture also includes about 5000 utility        chairs that can be purchased,” Morotoba said.

Morotola said that with the opening of the school, SEE is ready to provide furniture to Education Departments.

“Our earnings and sales benefit our dedicated team of people with disabilities,” Morotoba said.

He added that other products in stock include 13-type blankets, acrylic blankets, bed sheet pillowcases, 43-type hospital bath towels and white counter pants.

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