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Semenya’s  forced hormonal treatment, direct conflict with Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The African National Congress (ANC) condemns the Swiss Supreme Court’s ruling, barring South African champion Caster Semenya from defending her Olympic title as a strange punishment.

Pule Mabe, the spokesperson for the ANC, said in a statement on Thursday: “We support her feelings and condemn the inhumane testing of female athletes with unique abilities.”

The ANC believes that all available avenues are being explored to make sure we resolve this failure of justice.

The Swiss Supreme Court has ruled that Semenya cannot take part in the traditional 800m race before receiving hormone suppression treatment.

“Identified as female at birth, raised and recognised as a woman, suddenly expected to be a man, and considered being a man is shocking.”

Mabe said the enduring culture of women receiving hormone suppression therapy is a direct conflict with many international monitoring and accountability structures and agreements, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The ANC urges the global sports community to reflect on the years of torture Semenya endured because of her birth.

“We urge the International Athletics Association (IAAF) to reflect on their ongoing culture that condemns and marginalises women with differences of sexual development (DSD), especially black women,” added Mabe.

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