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“Sex in Afrikaans can be a bit distracting and people can start to be a little more open about it”

On Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2022, Showmax audiences fell in love with Sex in Afrikaans, as the eye-opening documentary series set a new record for the most first-day views of any Afrikaans title on Showmax ever, ahead of Devilsdorp. Viewing peaked at 8pm, once everyone had put their kids to bed.

“Sex in Afrikaans,” a groundbreaking documentary series, set a new record for the most first-day viewings of any Afrikaans title ever on Showmax on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2022, ahead of Devilsdorp. As all the children had gone to bed, viewing peaked around 8 p.m.

Sex in Afrikaans follows clinical psychologist Bradley R Daniels as he helps four Afrikaans couples and two singles have shameless discussions about their sex life for the first time publicly and, in the meantime, discover that there is so much more to enjoy!Sex, Afrikaans, Showmax, Love, Kids, Bed

With 6 episodes in each section focusing on sex workers, sex toys, pornography, swingers, BDSM and fetishes, the Showmax Original expansion is a thought-provoking concept for you, neighbors and colleagues behind closed doors.

The news was buzzing about the conflict with the 18 SNLV age limit. Channel24’s Gabi Zietsman offers 5-star Afrikaans sex, “a very brave performance” and “a great conversation starter, especially for someone who doesn’t know how to start a conversation with a partner.. off-screen”.

Rian van Heerden, who narrates Sex in Afrikaans and produces it through Provoco, says, “I think everyone who participated was a pioneer and very brave.”

This is particularly the case of the couple Brady and Tracy Fortuin. Because both are children of the pastor. “I just think of my aunts and uncles in the church.” Brady laughs.

Says Tracy, “We decided to do the show because we’re pretty open about our sex life and I think everyone who knows us knows that. We don’t really have any problems or things we don’t talk about. ”

But as open as they are, Sex in Afrikaans has remained a learning experience for the couple. “I think everyone, to their extent, thinks they’re liberal until they meet other people who are more liberal than they are,” says Brady. “We thought we were liberal until we got to all the toys and rooms while filming Sex in Afrikaans. Myself! There is a lot of latex! ”

While not everything appealed to them, they did garner some new ideas in the process. “Before we appeared on the show, I never thought we’d be interested in flogging until my wife and I started messing with the show’s material,” admits Brady. “We found out, ‘Hey, that’s not bad; It’s actually quite nice! ‘ So now we are floggers. ”

If you don’t know what flogging is, don’t worry – it’s covered in episode 5 of Sex in Afrikaans.

“My advice is: Explore!” says Tracy. “Even if it’s just a little thing like buying a toy or doing some sexting. Send her a message that isn’t just “Bring milk and sugar.” Explore, communicate and agree with everything. There are so many ways to explore. Here’s what Sex in Afrikaans shows: everyone has a little tiger inside; everyone has a secret flogger inside of them.

Brady agrees. “Get out of your box and see what’s inside for you.”

Tracy says she hopes Sex in Afrikaans will “turn on some kak”. Because it’s still taboo to talk about sex in public or to sit with family and friends and talk about sex. So I hope Sex in Afrikaans shakes things up a bit, so that people can start being a little more open about it. ”

After all, as Tracy memorably reminds us in the trailer, “Seks is vir my kak lekker”.

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